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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


"Left leg and I talked — everything's cool. Next Oscars, she gets the slit," says the Oscar famous right leg on Twitter. When this more than cheeky Angelina Jolie's leg creates many a fluttering stomp plus a twitter account devoted to it,bringing in 37000 plus  followers,you wonder if she is doing something right or if it's a glimpse into entertainment starved souls around the world.
Whatever it is,this skin show is a definite showstopper.
While the undeniably talented Ms Streep puts in every cell of her sincerity dripped soul into the Oscar winning performance both in 'The Iron Lady' as well as her perfectly modulated tearjerker speech, all it takes is Jolie's just rightly tailored gown slit to take the limelight away.One wins the prized golden trophy, the other doesn't need it, blissfully aware she is the trophy.
As usual you can't help comparing this hit charade with our Desi girls.I can't imagine anyone walking away with as much elan and confidence as perhaps drama queen Rekha who made a brief appearance once,her hairline dotted with glowing  sindoor that painted the evening red and young, fresh,dainty Kangana who carried off a waist dipping cleavage gown,not caring a shit about the slit that might just .
But then,comparisons are a futile exercise and it's much more fun to devote focused attention on what Ms Jolie's red luscious lips don't have to spell out.
That there is nothing like show business and a red carpet is the world's biggest ramp.
A perfect walk and an ever so careful, toned though skinny leg thrust pose a la Jolie can drive frenzied shutter clicks and Internet hysteria swifter than a sweaty 20 plus year marathon under the harsh,unsparing arclights a la Streep. Both have a somewhat unfair place under the sun.One comes out with a nice tan, the other is ready for the sunburns as she admits hearing half of America groaning "oh no" though she dismisses it with a "whatever".
So here's a super confidence crown to the sexiest,a LEG-IN-YOUR-FACE attitude that slams you into getting starstruck once again and steals the show.

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