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Saturday, 12 May 2012


Why this..
Why this..
Why this Karismaveri Karismaveri Karisma3D

White skin- girl- girl-
Girl- heart-no colour-
Eyes-eyes-don’t meet
Film future- past
Haan..why this 3D

The first time Karisma’s look was unveiled to show the poster of Dangerous Ishq, she was seen in posing in a thigh slit red gown, standing Oscar leg Jolie style. Did it raise curiosity? It did the opposite.

Her first scene in the movie is much like her comeback. We see her coming out of the shadows and walking on the ramp, facing the paparazzi lights. Looking picture perfect, she maintains the poise not through just one life but several past lives. The names change from Sanjana to Salma to Paro, The time period goes back to the partition to Mughal to Mirabai’s period. All in search for her lover and his kidnapper. So is this a love story or a thriller or a past life mystery? All in one and 3D at that.

Sanjana, a successful model decides to cancel her one-year trip to Paris suddenly as she fears that she may never see her boyfriend, Rohan, if she leaves. The fear comes true as soon after, Rohan gets kidnapped. ACP Singh (Jimmy Shergill) comes to investigate. Sanjana, miraculously sees herself with Rohan in a previous birth. So begins a series of previous births to identify the current birth kidnapper. As she regresses from birth to birth, so does the story. Sanjana is seen following the cop around, giving him all the leads with her new found vision and centuries’ broken heart. Apparently the kidnapper has never forgotten anything from any of the births and will do anything to get Sanjana. When the mysterious kidnapper’s identity does get revealed in the end, you are done with rolling your eyes 3D size.

Given the unconvincing concept and story, it can be a challenge for any actor to deliver what it takes. For Karisma, it takes a change in costumes and looks and forced dialect without the slightest change in expression. Not entirely her fault as the character she portrays could go by any name and yet be the same. Everything about her present birth character remains as mysterious as her past, right through the movie. The lover is equally a puzzle as one only sees his non committal smiles most of the time.

Director Vikram Bhatt has said in his interviews that he has experienced past life regression which has helped cure his asthma. If he had conveyed the conviction as easily, he might not have to resort to 3D.The whole 3D experience just brings the actors close to the audience in the theatre but the story, creates an unbelievable distance. Even the screenplay which does manage slight intrigue (Amin Hajee) and functional dialogues (Girish Dhamija) are unable to spare either the protagonist or the viewer.

Karisma Kapoor retains her star looks and presence but doesn’t offer anything beyond that. This once charming Zubeida actor deserved something better as a comeback role. Rajniesh Duggal, a newcomer, has no significant scene which might give him a chance to prove himself. Jimmy Shergill is wasted as he simply does a following around Ms Kapoor act. Divya Dutta, Natasha Sinha, Gracy Singh and Ravi Kishan try their best.

The average music (Himesh Reshammiya) with too much of background score along with lyrics, ”tu hi rab tu hi dua” (Sameer Anjan) fail to keep you awake.

Dangerous Ishq comes with the warning sign in its title. How does one say –dying many deaths- in 3D? 

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