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Friday, 3 August 2012


    When the sensation savvy Bhatts  serve porn star Sunny Leone in red hot lingerie, they should  remember one cardinal rule of filmmaking. Action. Sizzling action with burning passion that should scorch the screen, story be damned.
Instead, we are subjected to deep,tearful,luminous eyes, a deadpan Hooda face, mouthing  lengthy, inane monologues, and tall, awkward Arunoday hanging around like a lost pole.
The film opens tantalisingly enough with Izna (Sunny Leone) in red lacy lingerie, black suspenders, leading on Arunoday  into a hotel room. Ayaan (Arunoday Singh) is a FBI agent who apparently hires help by sleeping with them. He is not to be blamed however, as his partner in crime, Izna, is the sexy as hell, sweet as angel, high class prostitute. She is hired to do what she does best - seduce. She is the hot honey trap for the cold eyed, hot bod asassin,Kabir( Randeep Hooda) who has a past with her. A trip to exotic Srilanka follows and thereon moves at a pace slower than Mumbai traffic. Despite better and skimpier lingeries and ample thigh  close-ups (a scene even has Arunoday flashing a torch up Leone’s sleeping half nude form),Jism 2 drags and falls to ridiculous depths in the end.
Expectedly, there is not much of a story or screenplay written by Mahesh Bhatt who sold his soul to the  marketing evil many ‘’Murders” and  ”Jisms” ago. Replete with lines like “joh mulk ki wafaadari nahi kar saka,woh jism se wafa kar baitha’ to “hum sab apne bitey huey ateet hain” or “meri is raat ki subah hogi ki nahin’ the effortful  and dramatic ,old world dialogues  merely elicit yawns. Full credit to Leone for trying hard to be emote and no complains with the otherwise talented Arunoday or Hooda who try to portray intensity and fail miserably.
As for the really awaited erotica, there is plentiful luscious skin and hard muscle at display but the kisses  and expressions beg for Emraan Hashmi’s passion and talent or displaying love and lust with a conviction that easily outweighs Bhatt’s every bad script.
Sunny Leone tries hard to come across both seductive and innocent as Izna, though marred by too many chest heaves which may delight most men amongst the audience. Both Randeep Hooda and Arunoday disappoint with their apparent discomfort in fairly simple roles. The three together make for great jisms but no jaan,thanks to an empty script and amateurish direction by Pooja Bhatt whose stamp of her own impressive, confident personality is sadly missing.
The only enjoyable song is ‘abhi abhi to miley ho’ written by Arko Pravo Mukherjee and Munish Makija with music by Arko. Nigam Bomzan’s cinematography is the only saving grace of the film.
Reasons to watch the film, besides the obvious: Sunny Leone’s beautiful eyes and exotic, colonial furniture of Sri Lanka. Those seeking the erotic, stare at the poster starring Nathalia Kaur. Those still hopeful, be warned: Jism 2 is injurious to sex.

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