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Friday, 7 September 2012


Predictability, thy second name is Bhatt. The first name doesn’t matter. Be it Vikram or Mahesh. The product is the same. With a third dimension that only magnifies the horror of everything that is fake.
Yes, the creaking doors, the crazy weeping and moaning sound effects are there. So are the creepy crawlies. Coming out of sinks, going into ears, morphing into human flesh and body. When everything else fails to shock or horrify, flying cockroaches are let loose to make havoc while 3D winces. Then comes the Bhatt mastercard of sensation: a star stripped naked out of fear.
Shania Shekhar (Bipasha) loses a much coveted best actor award to a half sister and star in the making-Sanjana (Esha Gupta). Unable to take any sort of defeat, she resorts to black magic to wipe away the newcomer with the help of her lover, Aditya (Emraan).
 Least imaginative methods follow. She kisses, whispers and strips to talk Emraan into being her partner in crime. Scenes later, Emraan kisses Esha to stop her from screaming in fear. That takes care of the erotica required in the genre of horror.
Emraan soon switches sides .That takes care of the story .
Esha, the victim of black magic methods which involve her maid hanging from a fan, stuck with several broken glasses and ghastly hands springing out of TV screens, runs amuck rest of the time; screaming,crying,and stripping. That takes care of the horror.
Wear 3D glasses to watch this skimpy clothed horror and you don’t know if the story or the audience is 3 times dumb.
Written by Shagufta Rafique, the story gets overshadowed by unnecessary 3D effects. Steamy scenes between Bipasha and Emraan do nothing to save the film. Bipasha is reduced to laughing and crying hysterically, falling off to a white rugged floor, allowing the camera to linger on legs and cleavage. The rest of the performance is done by contact lenses. Emraan is back to kissing days, which is a pity after more impressive roles and performances in The Dirty Picture and Shanghai. Esha has the meatier part but barely does justice. Mohan Kapur as a doctor, tries his best to display sincerity while delivering ridiculous lines like,” schizophrenia aur bhoot prêt mein zyaada phark nahin hai”. Manish Choudhary  as evil aatma fails to appear anything sinister.
   Raaz 3 at best is 3D in the genre of dumb.

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