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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


“Samar sirf news banayega nahin, news banega bhi.”
“Crime reporter tha, tum logon ne mujhe criminal banaa diya.”
“Jo raakshas ka shikaar karne nikalta hai, khud raakshas ban jaata hai.”
“Jo aadmi risk nahin leta, uska sabkuch risky ho jaata hai.”
“Jab tak main bhaagta rahunga, tum chain se nahin baith paaoge.”

On the nose dialogues, predictable drama, one conflict played several times over. Honest but shrewd, ambitious but ethical young man gets caught in ruthless business of crime. It’s a plot told before several times, last seen in Blood Money.

Every single thing in Rush has been seen before, the story, the hero, the heroine, the villain and the vamp.  Samar Grover, (Emraan Hashmi) is an honest but over eager crime reporter who will do anything to get a breaking news story on TV. He will even face the gun and interview a killer (Murli Sharma).Only to be fired because certain richer and more powerful people running the channel are involved. Samar has a gorgeous girlfriend,Aahana  (Sagarika Ghatge ,a welcome change amongst leads),a painter who loves him enough to give up her work and go to Kuala Lumpur with him for his new job. He is offered a plum job as editor in chief by a seductive Lisa (Neha Dhupia) and her  reckless car racing boss, Roger Khanna  ( Aditya Pancholi,always rocks).

A super swanky office, a BMW, a penthouse: all apparently don’t come on a platter. Samar’s life is now a rush of breaking news, crime and a roller coaster of special effects, loud music, deafening sounds and never ending dialogues; a style as shoddy and tacky as some of our own news channels on TV.

Written and directed by late Shamin Desai, with dialogues by Sanjay Masoom, Rush is clearly a film made in a hurry and rests totally on Emraan’s not so muscular shoulders and half intense expressions. Aditya Pancholi brings in sufficient screen presence . Neha Dhupia looks hot and glamorous ,is cool and competent; her sexy high heels do the rest. Sagarika Ghatge is wasted in a small role.

The film tries hard to be a pacy and hard hitting thriller  and incorporates special effects and rapid cuts but ends up being as tacky as TV news channels. Pritam music  in “Dil to hai fukrah,style hai  wakhra..” written by Kumar and Sayeed Quadri’s  pleasant, Sufiana, “O re Khuda” are nice to listen but not much to watch.

Rush in an attempt to shock, delivers less than run of the mill ‘breaking news’.

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  1. Aptly said...a movie intended to make people aware of something which they are already aware of...whole waste of time and money...