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Friday, 1 March 2013


John Abraham is a mama's boy and can look like 'Daddy Cool'.That's the only conclusion one can arrive at as “I,Me Aur Main” ends.
John can also probably can go beyond pumping muscle and crunching abs.When he played producer to Vicky Donor, he carved a better role for himself than existed on screen.To his credit, he has played rather interesting and quirky roles quite well in movies like “Saat Khoon Maaf” and “No Smoking”.
Shades of that unexplored talent is glimpsed in “I, Me Aur Main”,where the story clearly revolves only around his self absorbed character,Ishaan.
Ishaan as the title more than suggests,is all about himself.He has been spoon and ladle fed on one line by his mother (Zarina Wahab).. “You are the are the best...” This opening,somewhat unconvincing and contrived scene of a boy being spoilt in front of his sister,supposedly explains the premise of the story.
25 years later,he is lying on bed with the attractive, Anushka (Chitrangada)who croons “I love you,” to which he replies, “I love me too.” Blind to his obvious flaw despite three years into a live-in relationship, she insists on being introduced to his parents as a sign of his commitment. Ishaan is so busy partying with other women that he forgets to show up. Anushka does what any sensible woman would do.She dumps him.
Ishaan happily moves on with his next door neighbor, Gauri (Prachi) who he dismisses initially as a “ganji banyaan girl”. She dresses casually and calls herself a part time electrician who loves fixing wires and bulbs apparently.Otherwise she is a stylist.
Since thats the closest detail in characterisation,one can expect little from the rest of the story and screenplay which merely touches upon each one and happily lingers on Ishaan's careless,bravado that takes a blow at the slightest challenge posed by any woman, be it his sister,boss,girlfriend or neighbour. This could have been his Jerry McGuire had there been more depth in the story, treatment and his eventual growing up.Everything comes too easily to him throughout, leaving little room for any kind of conflict that might make one root either for him or any of his women.
The writer,Devika Bhagat,has previously written two more films which dealt with the selfish hero who has women falling for him:”Ladies vs Ricky Behl” and “ Bachna Ae Haseeno”
While these two films had more of women perspectives to the stories,”I, Me Aur Main”,treats the female leads more like props.In fact,the female supporting characters of the fiery sister (Mini Mathur) and the haughty boss (Raima Sen) are far more interesting than the two women in the hero's life.This leaves very little for Chitrangada to do other than look pretty but hardly distressed even when it comes to the main turning point at the interval.
Prachi as the friendly neighbour,is just about okay,playing flashy dimpled smile games with John.After a while,one starts waiting for the slightest frown in the name of drama.Perhaps,that will be another film.
John Abraham is fairly decent for an unlikeable character.His sincerity shows and wins him some brownie points.
Debut director, Kapil Sharma, does not seem to have any kind of take or style in the storytelling.Music could have been a great tool for the film,considering John's character runs a music company,but remains average.The only enjoyable song appears with the closing credits,rewritten by Kausar Munir; the remix version of the famous Chaalbaaz song, “na jaane kahan se..kisi ke haath na ayega ye ladka..”
I,Me Aur Myself fails to redeem itself with its hastily put ending,however unconventional it may be.


  1. Loved the review.
    I've been reading your film reviews and analysis and always found them interesting.... well look forward to them.

    Just read an older post of yours - Honour your heart..... and couldn't agree more with the experience !! Sounded like Deja vu :)))

    Keep Writing.

  2. Thank You,Mamta:)happy to know your views.:)