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Friday, 28 February 2014

SHAADI KE SIDE EFFECTS: Hubby-Daddy ke Side Effects

In a very small scene, Sid (Farhan Akhtar) rides up to his wife,Trisha (Vidya Balan) on his new, cool motorbike. You can see the nonchalance of a young, happy go lucky, tension free, ‘single’ man in Sid’s body language. Trisha gives him an incredulous look and asks, “Yeh kya hai?” Sid replies casually, “Bike hai”. Trisha now gives him ‘I am not blind’ look and says, “Woh dikh raha hai.” Then she shoots the typical wife’s question. Or rather accusation. “Bina pooche bike khareed li?”

The brief second that follows is both the finest in acting by Farhan Akhtar and a telling moment about the loss of freedom and the sense of responsibility that marriage entails. Sid looses his casual body language in a jiffy. He almost stands up at Trisha’s schoolteacher tone and quickly checks himself. He remains seated on the bike and listens to the wife’s righteous tirade on how their sturdy Volkswagen is more ‘practical’ since it accommodates him, his wife, their tiny tot, Mili and her pram.

The scene encapsulates how Shaadi Ke Side Effects is a decent but microscopic take of a husband’s point of view. Writer/director, Saket Chaudhary has made this sequel to Pyaar Ke Side Effects after eight long years. True to his style, the film is a light, funny insight into marriage dynamics. It tries to strike a balance between the comic and serious, with a great deal of support from its perfect casting.

Sid and Trisha, a happily married couple, work at keeping the passion alive by meeting periodically as strangers on a date. Sid is the kind of husband any woman would be happy to have. He believes in saying sorry when he is wrong and also when she is wrong. He is also the kind of man who hesitates to tell the truth to avoid upsetting his wife. Trisha is the loving, somewhat controlling wife who takes her responsibilities too seriously. Sid composes small jingles for commercials and has dreams of making his own music album. The dreams go for for a toss when Trisha announces, “We are pregnant” and quits her on job.

The film goes into an over extended sequence of what parenting a newborn, entails. Howling baby, sleepless nights and a couple’s changing roles provide some nice, laugh out loud moments. Particularly when Sid falls off the bed one night and Trisha scolds him for making noise while falling and waking up the baby. Or when he has to listen to parents discussing their children’s potty very seriously.

Thankfully, once Sid’s new situation as a father has been established, the story moves into the real issue of the big side effect of marriage, post interval. Brief appearances by a maid who prefers to be called aunty (Ila Arun), a helpful hero of a neighbour (Purab Kohli) and a young struggling model as a part time roomie (Vir Das), however, stretch the plotline and the humour. The story gets more and more husband centric and even gets amateurish at times.

Despite the story loopholes, the film entertains because of the comic lines and great timing by both Farhan and a hotter and fatter Vidya.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects belongs entirely to a fabulous Farhan Akhtar and should be called Hubby-Daddy ke Side Effects.


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