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Friday, 21 March 2014


Screams Sunny Leone in a black garter set, tied to a chair.

This is a scene designed to work in one of the two “horex” ways. According to a character in Ragini MMS 2, a ‘horex’ film will either make a man want to run to his mother or want sex.

So, either it should titillate because that’s Sunny porn Leone screaming F words. Or it should horrify and scare you into choking on your popcorn. Because that is actually a ghost inside Leone, straining and struggling and writhing and growling on that chair. And it is no ordinary ghost. It is the chudail who killed Ragini’s lover in Ragini MMS and ‘possessed’ Ragini.
The same ghost is back. But this time it does not have the ‘horex’ effect Ragini MMS had. Despite the very sexy Leone and the title Ragini.

The original had worked decently enough, thanks to Ekta Kapoor’s genius of capitalizing on a true MMS scandal and the acting prowess of Rajkummar Rao.Pink handcuffs provided both some horror and humour too.
The sequel begins with a naked Sunny in a bathtub. She has just been introduced as playing herself in an upcoming film, Ragini MMS 2.The director, Rocks (Pravin Dabas, clichéd) announces that the hitherto pornstar “Sunny saare film stars ki chutti kar degi”. So Sunny does the usual item number (catchy music) and definitely proves that she can give the hottest actresses a run for their underwear. When scared by spooky noises in the haunted house, she walks around in lovely lacy undies. When challenged to show her acting abilities, she moans and moves against a bed pole and enacts an orgasm to show how that requires some talent too.
Credit given, of course.

When she questions innocently, why all men think from their pants when it comes to her, the hero (Saahil Prem) of course, says, not all men. He is the writer who has scripted her film.

Sunny is pitted against some dim wits. There is her costar, (Karan Mehra, quite funny) who lusts after her. There is the silly wannabe (a very talented Sandhya Mridul) who screams variations of ‘bachao’ in the best possible way, moving effortlessly to ‘acting’acting to realistic acting. Her much publicized kiss with Leone is conducted with as much ease and as little sleaze. Ms Mridul has long deserved better than the leads and this time she makes the most of it.

There is also Divya Dutta who has the least embarrassing and the more conventional role of a psychiatrist who does unbelievable things like appearing in short dresses in a hospital and exorcising ghosts. She carries it off with aplomb.

As for the rest of the film, the typical sound effects, Marathi mumbles, flickering bulbs, sound of children crying, a wooden rattle and Ragini of Ragini MMS in a mental asylum; are supposed to give the spooks and the goose bumps. They simply drag, instead.

The song, “Chaar bottle vodka…”might give the youngsters some high moments on a dance floor.

Ragini MMS 2 leaves behind the much better original and is all about the luscious Sunny Leone. For that, there is always the Internet.
For horror or even ‘horex’, there is always one and only master. 
Alfred Hitchcock.

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