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Friday, 2 May 2014


“I just had safe sex. And I did a Rex.”  

It’s been a week since Ranveer Singh admitted to this in the Durex commercial. Predictably, it has already gone viral and got more than a million views on the Internet.

There are 2 kinds of branding happening here. Brand Sex and Brand Ranveer.

There is nothing secretive or taboo about sex anymore. Sex does not have to be either sleazy or sensual or lusty only. It is plain and simple fun. Just like a good, peppy song and dance number.

And this is where Ranveer scores (no pun intended).

His first big hit, ‘Band Baaja Baraat’, established him as the actor to watch out for. Someone who plays a Delhi loafer in a pretty non-filmy manner. His looks being more of an average Joe, he had the advantage of fitting into any kind of role.

Soon,’Lootera’, a period romance film with a non-commercial tone, firmly placed him as an actor to be taken seriously. Ranveer was suddenly this intense character with surprising shades to him.

But it was ‘Goliyon ki Raasleela-Ram Leela’ that won him some recognition as a star. His pairing with the hottest and the most successful actress of the year, Deepika Padukone, got him a wider and more colourful canvas. His rumoured relationship with her helped, of course. The image was now of a lusty lover, Ram, which worked with the young.

Now, out of the blue, out shadowing all these films in past four years, it just took a two minute Durex commercial to give a more welcome image to help define both sex in India and Ranveer. While Pooja Bedi’s Kamasutra ad was banned, some 20 years ago, Ranveer’s move has been cleverly plugged as him being the first ‘A-lister’ Bollywood star to endorse a condom.

All thanks to an excellent team comprising the director- Karan Kapadia, choreographers-Ceasor and Bosco,cinematographer-Ravi Varman and music director-Mikey Mcleary.

 Ranveer is now widely accepted as this bundle of energy, who is great fun and a rockstar. His rap song written by himself and the well-choreographed dance is the perfect way to connect with the young who love sex. Now they have the permission from the star himself to admit it.

Apparently, ‘Rex’ is defined as “a physical expression of joy and ecstasy experienced after a wonderful sexual experience has moved you”.

Going by the ad’s viral popularity, the young are loving it. Not just because their favourite film star is rapping and talking to “lovers all over the world”. But because it sends out a clear message that sex is fun, sex makes you feel good. So good that you sing and dance all day.

More importantly, the ad does not talk to married couples. It is specifically addressed to young lovers. It lifts the taboo on not just sex in general but also premarital sex.

It talks in their kind of language too.”baarish ko girne do…haath mein leke khushiyon ka chaata..” To promote safe sex,the youth icon talks about always carrying a condom in the pocket.

It’s not surprising then that the commercial will go a long way to boost Ranveer’s  popularity.

Plus the  big secret is out. Indians do have sex. They just need to Rex it up…AHA…AHA... O.M.G…

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