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Friday, 8 August 2014


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Akshay Kumar is first seen on screen as an obese guy with breasts, feeding a baby. Joke.
Akshay has a friend, Krushna Abhishek (claim to fame-Govinda’s nephew). Every line he utters, includes a celebrity’s name. Something like “I just Rajni-kant believe this.” Joke.
Akshay’s girlfriend, Tamannah looks rosy eyed at her love. A puppy eyed Golden Retriever looks back, returning the sentiment. Joke.
Tamannah’s father, Mithun Chakraborty, suggests she marry the dog. Because, all men are like dogs after marriage. Joke.
Akshay happens to be a poor man who wears classy, white linen. He finds out he has a rich dad somewhere and that he is D.N.A. (Daddy’s Nazayed Aulad). In effect, he is a bastard who decides to cash in on Rs 3000 crore left behind by the rich daddy who dies. Joke.
Akshay flies to Bangkok only to rich daddy has left all the filthy wealth to Entertainment. Joke.
Entertainment is a dog. Joke.
Johnny Lever is rich daddy’s lawyer. Joke.
Johnny Lever screams like a mad man every time somebody forgets his name: Habibullah. Joke.
Everyone calls him by another name. Joke.
Akshay and Krushna get a book on ways to kill by accident. The intention is to kill the dog. The dog reads the book. Joke.
Every time, they attempt to kill, Akshay ends up doing a painful headstand. Joke.
One day, Akshay gets an epiphany. A dog is better than a human being. So it’s better to be called a dog. If someone calls him a dog, it would be a compliment. Joke.
So guys, go complement Akshay Kumar and other jokers including Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood and Sajid –Farhad, the writer-director team.

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