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Friday, 21 December 2012

DABBANG2: An Arbaaz Khan film

 Chulbul Pandey is a family man.

 He is less ‘dabangg’, more fun. He pulls pranks. He does his little funny jig. His collar glares have an act of their own. He continues with his Bihari accent. He is corny funny. He romances. He sings. He dances.  He fights. He leaps. He shoots. He laughs a peculiar giggle.

Then he cries. And proves Salman Khan is not just a super star. He is a very fine actor who does not take himself seriously.

Dabangg 2, as sequels go, is a better sequel than any other. There is no new story here.Chulbul Pandey is posted in Kanpur. He rescues a damsel in distress from an eve teasing goon (Deepak Dobriyal) whose brother, political honcho (Prakash Raj) swears revenge.

The film maintains the original character and tone of the film in its treatment, continues to focus on the father–son relationship from the original story and includes the whacky humour that the audience now relates with Salman Khan. Even the ‘Munni’ item number (whistle worthy Malaika Arora) and ‘naina’ song along with Dabangg soundtrack are neatly tied in.

However, in its mellowed action, lies the problem. While Dabangg  had some melodrama in Chulbul Pandey’s personal conflict, there is only smooth sailing in Dabangg2.What could have been promising in the villain casting of Prakash Raj, considering the success they saw in ‘Wanted’, remain a mere routine dialogue exchange. The much awaited action filled climax sequence lacks the power punch of the original. Sonu Sood is missed as soon as the expected shirts come off.

Written by Dilip Shukla,the screenplay is too simple, focusing on funny, endearing moments between stepfather(Vinod Khanna) and son, so much so that the film almost becomes a pleasant family drama. The dialogues raise a few smiles. Salman’s mannerisms and his belt provide the rest of the entertainment with its auto pelvic movement to ‘Dabangg hud hud “track.

 Arbaaz Khan, who turned producer with the original, now makes a decent debut as director. He clearly brings out the best in Salman’s acting prowess too; something which has been glimpsed briefly in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies. A scene in the film has his character “Makkhi”,a simpleton trying to make himself worthy. Chulbul watches his younger brother with misty eyed pride. Arbaaz, after a failed career in acting, is like the reformed Makkhi. He gives Dabangg 2, a sensibility above inane ,nonsensical action comedies like Khiladi and Rowdy Rathore.

Salman Khan, dapper in bright full sleeved shirts, endears with his buffoonery and corny style and surprises with his performance when he sobs like a child in one scene. Arbaaz and Vinod Khanna are good in their supportive, affectionate contrasting duo as compared  to the original. Sonakshi Sinha slips in easily as Mrs Pandey, looks her part and carries off the teasing husband wife tiffs well. Deepak Dobriyal and Prakash Raj are good in their caricature villainous roles but deserve better.

Music by Sajid Wajid  is not at par with the original except for the song ‘tere naina dagabaaz re’. The lyrics  including “fevicol” (delicious Kareena), by Sajid, Wajid and Ashraf Ali  are in sync with the film.

If you expect to hoot and whistle while watching Dabangg2,you will be disappointed. But Salman’s heartwarming moments may make up for it. That includes the hilarious shirtless moment.

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