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Friday, 7 December 2012


"Main Mansukh Desai. Logon ka band bajata hoon.” He means he arranges weddings. Himesh Reshammiya is back with his story and music (of course) and a role (more suitable) that can slip into a straw from which Akshay the Khiladi Singh can sip. It’s called ‘Angry Aam Ras’.

Mansukh Desai, who believes  ”dil milne chahiye, kundali nahin”, has a family business of lying to families to help couples wed. He goofs up at one such wedding. His father, Champak Desai, kicks him out. Mansukh Bhai makes a Devdas speech, a bottle in hand and sets out on his own match making attempt. His first client is Taantya Tukaram Tendulkar (TT,Mithun Chakravaorty) who is desperate to find a groom for his no funny-name-business sister, Indu(Asin).Him being a goon from Maharashtra doesn’t help. Mansukh pitches him as a police officer to the willing groom who is another goon from Punjab (where else?).

The supposed comedy starts from their names, with Akshay Kumar as Bahatar(72)Singh onwards best left untold here. For those seeking more of the numeral Singh entertainment, there is also the case of the missing 73 Singh. Just in case all the goondas are not enough, there is also Indu’s boyfriend in jail.

The goondon ki baraat story by debutant director, Ashish Mohan, breezes through with the simplest of screenplays (Kushal Ved Bakshi) and  dialogues (Bunty Rathore)clearly aimed at front bench audience. If it is Himesh Reshammiya’s ploy to pitch Akshay Kumar as the khiladi and be a player himself at the box office, it’s a good one. As Mansukh bhai, he makes the most of his role. His music along with lyrics like  “Khiladi bhaiya” (Shabbir Ahmed) is regular fare. R D Burman’s poster is prominently placed in one track for mysterious reasons.

Mithun Chakravorty and Akshay Kumar do little to lift the film with their comic efforts. Akshay tries to don the Dabangg glasses look and walk slow motion with Himesh’s title track of Khiladi playing but he is no Salman Khan. No whistles here either. Asin is great at pouts. Raj Babbar, Mukesh Rishi and Sanjay Misra are commendable for giving it their best.

If  counting numbers as names tickles you, Khiladi786 is for you. While at it, if you can fathom the title number, you are clearly a genius. 

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