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Friday, 10 May 2013


The first poster of'Go Goa Gone' has a golden haired Saif Ali Khan pointing a gun at a huge hole in a topless girl. And it looks neither vulgar nor horrifying. It simply looks fun.So is the film. Good fun. Funny fun. Trippy fun. Zombie fun. However, some gore and fear would have been triple fun.

An entire scene in the film is devoted to explaining what a Zombie is.
"India mein bhoot pret hote hain. Zombies kahan se aa gaye?"
Globalisation. Phirangiyon ne vaat laga di hai. Pehle lekar aaye HIV, abhi zombie."
"Hollywood ke bhoot"
This along with some dim wit characters high on "Delhi Belly' lingo sets the tone of the film clearly as a zombie comedy.

Hardik.."Har.. what?....Dik"(Kunal Khemu)tells an office colleague that he has just one goal in life. To smoke in non-smoking zones like the Parliament. He loves to imagine how all smokers together will make "Bhartiya Joint Party". When his buddy, Luv (Vir Das)lands up with a broken heart, the jobless Hardik teaches him,"Ek ladki ne dil toda to doosri ilaaj hai." Inevitably, the two pile on to their third hardworking friend, Bunny (Anand Tiwari) on a trip to Goa.

Turns out they end up at a hell of a trippy place. A hot girl called Luna (Puja Gupta) invites them to a rave party hosted by the "Russian mafia". Enters a golden haired Saif after a full 45 minutes of the film, swaying to the most rocking party song playing "..raat hai ek whore..hai maange more..tu lut jaa slowly slowly" (lyrics by Priya Panchal). The music (Sachin-Jigar) will have your adrenaline racing quickly quickly.

The pumping pace continues with the partygoers ending up as zombies chasing the four for their flesh and blood. Zombie killer,Borris..'.B-u-r-ee--z" (Saif) teaches them a thing or two about how "I keel dead people". Apparently the zombies have dead bodies but have mildly functioning brains which sense hunger.

But that hardly matters anymore. Everyone is having too much fun here. Especially the filmmakers (Raj and DK), the actors and most of all the dialogue writers. If you have seen the promos showing Saif defining a Delhi guy, you know how a single expletive can be a hoot and a riot.

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. (Raj & DK) are engineers turned filmmakers who write, direct and produce films together, along with their creative partner, Sita Menon. Their last two films, '99' and 'Shor in the city' were quite original, funny and refreshing.

 Kunal Khemu and Sita Menon, dialogue writers with additional lines by Raja Sen obviously go wild on paper.
The story and screenplay writers (Raj, DK and Sita Menon) don't bother much with the plot. They simply create likeable, hilarious characters and let them do the entertaining. Somewhere along the way, it gets slightly repetitive and forced but the actors come to the rescue.

Kunal Khemu is in his element here. Both in his acting and his contribution in the dialogue writing. Saif is a real good sport and a support for Khemu, both as Borris and a producer. Just watch him mouth in desi Russian accent "I will be back" and it is paisa vasool. Vir Das and  Anand Tiwari  are okay with their comic timing. Puja Gupta as Luna is hot and sweet.

The trance soundtrack used really well, especially during the final shootout with the zombies; builds upon the totally whacky mood.

Dope has an interesting role and the story tries to sell a moral too..."what do we know, what did we learn".... Well we know that "Go Goa Gone" is watchable quickly quickly.

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