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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


 Dear Karan Johar,

I love the way you choose the most haunting song, an ideal location, and unlikely characters to create the most poignant moment. Your hitherto closet hidden voice that tells a new age story, is music to my ears. Come, lag jaa gale...

Dear Madan Mohan, Raja Mehdi, Lata Mangeshkar,

Without you all,I would never have known the headiness of melody and melancholy.

Dear Rani Mukherjee,

The sex appeal in your talented eyes is more seductive than any deep neck blouse on the best of knockers. I really wish you had starred in 'The Dirty Picture'.

Dear Nawazuddin Siddique,

You are a deadly magician and magnet combined. You make me fall in love with the art of acting like none other.

Dear Dibakar Banerjee,

Your understanding of the visual medium teaches me a lot. I love the way you shoot long, silent scenes and let the camera tango with the actor. You prove what fine writing is too; through the use of a single alphabet and how.

Dear Sadashiv Amrapurkar,

Thank you for the most applause worthy display of what a school of acting should be. Your delivery of a single Hindi alphabet is outstanding.

 Dear Zoya Akhtar,

The joy, positivity and simplicity in your theme and character are charmingly infectious. Please stay as perceptive and inspiring always. You make me appreciate the song and dance routine more than ever. You are my celluloid dream princess now.

Dear item song writers, singers, music directors, choreographers,

Thank you for every 'Sheela ki jawani'. Please ignore all the prudes who cry rape at every shimmy and a shake. Hope you bring back "mehbooba mehbooba "days too.

Dear Anurag Kashyap,

Your love and understanding of your roots as well as cinema is more than obvious. May that out rule everything else.

Dear Amitabh Bachchan,

You don't need to be blessed with 'Vijayi bhava'. You have blessed millions with your mere on screen presence.

Dear Javed Akhtar urf Jaadu,

You are the God who created Vijay and gave us conversation with God too in Deewar. And then you created a devil like Gabbar!!
Aapke syaahi ke jaadu ne kiya hai kamaal hi kamaal...hamari duniya ko diye alfaazon ke sitaare hazaar.

Dear film stars who come together in the end,

You are the best and the brightest dream merchants of all.
SRK, a flying kiss for that trademark half blushing, half cheeky expression.

Yours truly,


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